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Mortgages can provide you with Independent Advice on your mortgage.

Our Financial Advisors will discuss your personal circumstances and your goals to get the Best Deal available to you.

Call for a Free, No-Obligation meeting with one of our Qualified Financial Advisors.

We provide the following Mortgage Services:

  • First Time Buyers Mortgages
  • Self Build Mortgages
  • Switcher Mortgages
  • Loan Consolidation Mortgages
  • Top Up Mortgages
  • Mortgages for Rental Properties
  • Commercial Mortgages will advise you throughout the Mortgage process. We understand this can be a confusing and daunting experience, but our Financial Advisors will advise you on every step and will answer any questions you may have, at any time. will take all the legwork out of your mortgage application. We will meet with you to discuss your Personal Circumstances and you goals. We will then review your circumstances, identify which lenders you qualify for and review the rates available from the different lenders. Based on this we will advise you which lender to proceed with and we will prepare your mortgage application so as to show your application in the strongest way to the lender. We will send you application to the bank and we will look after your mortgage each step of the way until you have your keys.

As Independent Advisors for Insurance we will also get you the Best Deal for Life Assurance and Home Insurance, which is needed in order to draw down your mortgage. are very experienced in Self Build Mortgages. Self Build Mortgages can be more complex than mortgages for a house purchase but we have years of experience in this area.

We can advise you on any questions you have regarding a self-build mortgage such as:
When do I need to apply?

If I own the site do I need a Deposit?

Are my repayments based on the full mortgage amount from the start?

What documents are needed in order to apply for a Self Build Mortgage?

How much should I apply for?
Should I use a Contractor or Direct labour?

Do I need planning permission in order to get approved for a Self Build

What Insurance do I need for a Self Build Mortgage?

What if I already have a mortgage on another house?

If you are thinking of taking a mortgage in the future we would advise you to meet with us. We can review your existing circumstances and advise you on tips that will strengthen your mortgage application when you do want to apply. This will ensure that you meet all the banks requirements at application, as banks will usually look at your 6 Month banking history.

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