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Protection and Life Assurance can be confusing. At our Qualified Financial Advisors can provide Professional Advice and Competitive Premiums. We are not tied to any Life Companies and therefore we will be able to provide you quotes from different Life Companies. We will advise you of the benefits and conditions with each Life Company and advise which Policy and Company will best suit your Individual Needs.

Banks offer Life Assurance and Protection policies to customers. However Banks are tied to certain Life Assurance Companies. When a Bank provides a quote for a Protection Policy they will quote the company they are tied to. By taking a Protection Policy through your bank you will not receive quotes from other Life Companies. will shop around different Life Companies to get you the best Value.

As different companies offer different terms and conditions one life company may look like better value than the next life company. With a detailed outstanding of the policies from different providers will look at the true cost of your cover over the term of the policy to ensure that the policy is the best value for you.


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